Saturday, 28 January 2012

Winter Feeding Tip #1 - Suet!

Suet, Suet, and, even more Suet!
One of the best things you can serve up for your feathered friends is Suet. Suet is the dense white fat that collects around beef kidneys and loins. This provides a high level of energy that the birds so desperately need in our rather frigid winter conditions. It is often mixed with seeds and nuts to further attract the birds.
Suet is best offered in a hardware cage that is hung from a tree branch or off a hook. At the Backyard Birder Nature Gift Shop we have a wide selection of suet feeders. From simple cages that the preformed suet cakes slide into to more decorative suet holders designed for the highly sought after suet balls.

We offer a wide variety of suet to better suit individual species. The Backyard Birder suggests the eco-friendly Suet Plus, which uses 80% less packaging than the comparably sized Scotts suet.

Our suet ranges from $1.99* (CAD) for a single suet cake to $8.99*(CAD) for two cakes of premium suet. Our very popular suet balls that are rolled in peanuts for extra appeal are $3.49*(CAD). Though it is most beneficial for the birds during the cold winter months suet is just as appealing to them in the warmer summer months, and is carried in store year round.

Putting out suet is a sure fire way to attract Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, and, Blue Jays.

*Prices do not include Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)